Loafers Baby & Kids Soft-Sole Shoe ♡ Lodge


Soft-Sole • Leather Toddler Shoe • Baby Shoe

-Soft and nonrestrictive for developing feet.

-Soft elastic band around the ankle.

-Perfect for balance when they start standing and walking. Suede bottoms help make non-slip for floors.

-100% high-quality leather and suede.

STARRY KNIGHT SIZE CHART: measure foot on hard flat surface and add 1/4”(for snug fit) to 1/2” (more room to grow) add a little less for narrow 1/4”-3/8”  or slightly more if wider foot 3/8-1/2” to measurement to get correct SOLE LENGTH.

Example: If child's foot measures 4.1"-4.2”on hard flat surface, select size 2 (6months) 4.5" Sole.